Monument & Pylon Signs

Monument & Pylon Signs

What Is a Monument Sign?
Have you ever driven into a nice neighborhood, maybe near a country club, and saw a big sign on the ground that named the area? That was a monument sign, and it’s a pretty perfect example of what they are and how they work.

Monument signs are large signs that are usually built into the ground (or a wall or something else substantial). They typically mark a location, and they are often designed to be very aesthetic and easy on the eyes. The key feature to consider is that they aren’t hanging from a building or sitting on top of some kind of pole.

What Is a Pylon Sign?
Meanwhile, anytime you drive by a minimall or a business with a large parking lot, there’s a good chance that you see a pylon sign. These are large signs, designed to be seen at a distance, that are mounted on top of large pole structures.

They’re usually highly visible and convey some type of business-related information. A pylon sign can simply carry a store logo, or it can include a marquee for changing information. There are a lot of possibilities. The key is that the sign is designed like a pylon — meaning it sits on top of large, tall poles (or just one big pole).


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